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Hi, What Is The Best Way To Get A Local Copy Of Only The Specified Files From The Dataset? Case: I Got A List Of Added Files For N Versions Using Dataset.List_Added_Files() And I Want To Download Them To A Folder

What is the best way to get a local copy of only the specified files from the dataset?
Case: I got a list of added files for N versions using Dataset.list_added_files() and i want to download them to a folder

Posted one month ago
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Answers 3

Hi @<1523701790044852224:profile|FreshParrot56> , the dataset will always be fetched locally in order to get your files

Posted one month ago

That's not currently supported, it's something that's possible with the ClearML HyperDatasets, but not with the ClearML Datasets in the open source version

Posted one month ago

But is there a way to download only the files I need, and not the entire dataset? something like my_dataset.get_mutable_local_copy(my_path, files=['1.png', '2.png'])

Posted one month ago
3 Answers
one month ago
one month ago