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I’M Having Some Trouble With

I’m having some trouble with Task.logger.report_media . i’m trying to report a matplotlib figure that i’ve packed into a BytesIO object (because 2D histograms appear to cause the auto figure reporting lots of grief). but when i look in the “debug samples” tab, I can select the different titles, but every one of them is just a blank, white image. here’s the meat of what i’m doing:

        buffer = BytesIO()

not sure what could be happening because I think i’m going by the book.

clearml version: ‘1.9.1rc0’
server version: WebApp: 1.9.1-312 • Server: 1.9.1-312 • API: 2.23

Posted 4 months ago
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okay, looks like my main issue was the errant plt.show ( 😩 ). report_media works fine without specifying set_default_upload_destination when that’s been removed 😅

Posted 4 months ago

but hmm, report_media generates a file that is 0 bytes, whereas report_image generates a 33KB file

Posted 4 months ago

but “download plot as png” generates a blank image

Posted 4 months ago


Posted 4 months ago


Media is uploaded to a preconfigured bucket (see setup_upload()) with a key (filename) describing the task ID, title, series and iteration.

Posted 4 months ago

okay, so looks like the docs for report_media need an update.

Posted 4 months ago

okay, so if i set set_default_upload_destination as URI that’s local to the computer running the task (and the server):

  • the server is “unable to load the image”—not surprising because the filesystem URI was not mounted into the container
  • the files are present at the expected location on the local filesystem, but they are…blank! all white.that tells me that report_media might have been successful, but there’s some issue …encoding the data to a jpeg?
Posted 4 months ago

but now i’m confused about why set_default_upload_destination is different from output_uri . i kind of get it? but wouldn’t that be a safe default?

Posted 4 months ago

ugh, turns out i had a plt.show() in there, that was causing blank figs.

that said, report_matplotlib_figure did not end up putting anything into “plots” or “debug samples”

Posted 4 months ago

ah, i had report_image specified, and when i disable that, it worked.

Posted 4 months ago
10 Answers
4 months ago
4 months ago