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Hi, @<1565509803839590400:profile|MoodyBear54> and I are trying to deploy the ClearML autoscaler to deploy the EC2 instances into a pre-existing VPC/subnet. Specifying the availability zone wasn't working for us.

We were getting an error saying that the subnet that the autoscaled instances were being created in did not match the security group of the ClearML server. This is because we were only able to specify the availability zone ( us-west-2a ), but not specify the exact subnet in the exact VPC that we needed.

We resorted to installing this fork (PR) to ClearML which allows specifying configurations.resource_configurations.<resource>.subnet_id rather than configurations...availability_zone . Is it possible this PR could be merged?

Posted 9 months ago
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Answers 4

Disclaimer: I'm not familiar enouch with the ClearML codebase to vouch for the quality of this PR, although it is short which is typically good . The feature we're interested in is the ability to specify the subnet_id .

Posted 9 months ago

Hi @<1541954607595393024:profile|BattyCrocodile47> the main issue is indeed testing, it will probably take us some time to verify this. If you can provide some more testing results in various scenarios it might be good enough to justify a merge 🙂

Posted 9 months ago

they do not need to be automated. In general, I would expect testing with the default subnet (i.e. vanilla AWS configuration) when the subnet is not provided, and with a different subnet

Posted 9 months ago

I may be able to prepare a PR that only allows specifying the subnet ID. Can you help me brainstorm scenarios you’d want to see tested? Also, do these need to be automated tests?

Posted 9 months ago