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When I Try To Run Any Task The Agent Tries To Mount Something Vscode Related:

When I try to run any task the agent tries to mount something vscode related:

683637074988 adamastor:gpuall INFO Executing: ['docker', 'run', '-t', '--gpus', 'all', '-v', '/run/user/1002/vscode-ssh-auth-sock-278537930:/run/user/1002/vscode-ssh-auth-sock-278537930', '-e', 'SSH_AUTH_SOCK=/run/user/1002/vscode-ssh-auth-sock-278537930', ...]

docker: Error response from daemon: error while creating mount source path '/run/user/1002/vscode-ssh-auth-sock-278537930': mkdir /run/user/1002/vscode-ssh-auth-sock-278537930: file exists.

Maybe it’s because I tried to run tasks from Vscode remote ssh mode. But now VScode is not running and the issue persists.

Has anyone solved that issue?

Posted 11 months ago
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Answers 2

The issue disappeared after I switched from docker mode to pip mode

Posted 11 months ago

Hi @<1523702786867335168:profile|AdventurousButterfly15> , can you share your agent configuration and task details (as they appear in the task info in the UI)?

Posted 11 months ago
2 Answers
11 months ago
11 months ago