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Hello Guys, I Have 4 Workers (2 In Default And 2 In Service Queue On Same Machine) And Running A Cron Job Of Data Preparation.It Works Well For About 3 Days But After That Tasks Are Getting Failed By Their Own With Given Below Error.Can Anyone Help Me O

Hello guys, i have 4 workers (2 in default and 2 in service queue on same machine) and running a cron job of data preparation.It works well for about 3 days but after that tasks are getting failed by their own with given below error.Can anyone help me out?

Posted 26 days ago
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Hey @<1526734437587357696:profile|ShaggySquirrel23> , what version of the clearml-agent are you using? Also, if I were you I’d check how much free disk there’s on the machine running the agents

Posted 25 days ago

clearml version: 1.5.1
free space:12GB

Posted 25 days ago

Hello guys, i have 4 workers (2 in default and 2 in service queue on same machine)

Hi @<1526734437587357696:profile|ShaggySquirrel23>
I think what happens is one agent is deleting it's cfg file when it is done, but at least in theory each one should have it's own cfg
One last request can you try with the agent's latest RC version 1.5.3rc2 ?

Posted 21 days ago

Can you also tell what OS are you using? And when you mentioned that the clearml version: 1.5.1 did you mean the ClearML package or the clearml-agent package? Because they are different

Posted 21 days ago

clearml-agent version (output of clearml-agent --version).I am using aws ec2 linux image.

Posted 21 days ago

can anyone help me about this?

Posted 22 days ago