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Hi Again! Is There An Easy Way To Set The –Shm-Size For A Task Pod In A Kubernetes Environment? I Guess Docker Args Won’T Work, And As Far As I Know, I Should Mount An Emptydir Into /Dev/Shm With A Memory Limit. Is It Possible To Set Up The Agent To Spaw

Hi again!

Is there an easy way to set the –shm-size for a task pod in a kubernetes environment? I guess docker args won’t work, and as far as I know, I should mount an emptyDir into /dev/shm with a memory limit. Is it possible to set up the agent to spawn tasks with these adjustments?


Posted 11 months ago
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Hi @<1564785037834981376:profile|FrustratingBee69> , the clearml agent helm chart allows you to customize the template for task pods, you can add whatever you need there (see here )

Posted 11 months ago

Thanks! Works great with template.

Posted 11 months ago
2 Answers
11 months ago
11 months ago