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Hey Folks, Probably Asking A Loaded Question Here, But What Does A Ci/Cd Pipeline With Clearml Being Used Simultaneously Look Like? If I Am Using Github Actions, What Sort Of Stuff Can I Do?

Hey folks, probably asking a loaded question here, but what does a CI/CD pipeline with ClearML being used simultaneously look like? If I am using Github actions, what sort of stuff can I do?

  • Any thoughts on using branch-promotion strategies from Git with ClearML Projects? I think this might help reduce bloat in experiments and keep the ones that are valid in a separate place? (Or should I not do this?)
  • How do I use ClearML APIs to trigger Github Actions workflows? I remember reading somewhere about events but unable to find the right link for some reason.
  • Is there any sort of architecture/best practices that I need to follow here? We have a team that is experimenting with ClearML and seeing how this tool interacts with other things that we already have. So we want to get some perspective on the operationalization part here.
Posted one year ago
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Hi @<1523701132025663488:profile|SlimyElephant79>
Did you check None
There are also ready made templates:

Posted one year ago
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