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Hello Everyone

Hello everyone @<1574207105437536256:profile|HungryCat90> !
I am running a self-hosted clearml-server and I am having trouble in cloning sub-packages of a monorepo with a clearml-agent in docker mode.

My version is:
CLEARML-AGENT version 1.5.2

in clearml.conf of the clearml-agent I set agent.git_pass as my git personal tokens; I set the enable_git_ask_pass to True

however every time I try to create a task with more than 2 dependencies from the repo it asks me the username

I would like to set properly the GIT_ASKPASS , but not sure how to trigger it with a bash script at the clearml agent level.

Posted 10 months ago
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Hi @<1523701087100473344:profile|SuccessfulKoala55> sorry for delay, I really tried to remove all sensible information from the log.

I tried to replace them with $my_monorepo, $my_user, $my_organization … let me know if you need anything else! Thanks!

Posted 10 months ago

The interesting part is that if I have only 1 dependency within the mono repo it works. As soon as I add a second dependency from my monorepo, this error start to raise

Posted 10 months ago

Hi @<1574207113163444224:profile|ShallowCoyote86> , can you try to shut down the agent, clean the ~/,clearml folder containing the vcs cache, and run it again?

Posted 10 months ago

Hi @<1523701087100473344:profile|SuccessfulKoala55> I had tried removing all the ~/clearml but still got the same

Username for '
Posted 10 months ago

Can you attach logs for the times it works and the times it doesn't work?

Posted 10 months ago

hey @<1523701087100473344:profile|SuccessfulKoala55> here is the monorepo structure I am using None

you should be able to fetch it. However to get the auth issue you will need to copy this public repo into a private one (ideally with 2FA). Feel free to push commits if needed!

I hope this helps the debugging! 🙂

Posted 10 months ago

Yes, please do! 🙂

Posted 10 months ago

@<1523701087100473344:profile|SuccessfulKoala55> if that can help I can make a dummy open source mono repository so we reproduce it in a much easier way! let me know!

Posted 10 months ago
8 Answers
10 months ago
10 months ago