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Hi ! I Have A Config Dictionary Which Is A Dot Dictionary ( A Dictionary That Supports Dot Notation As Well As Dictionary Access Notation Set Attributes: D.Val2 = 'Second' Or D['Val2'] = 'Second' Get Attributes: D.Val2 Or D['Val2'] ) I Ru

Hi !
I have a config dictionary which is a dot dictionary
( a dictionary that supports dot notation
as well as dictionary access notation
set attributes: d.val2 = 'second' or d['val2'] = 'second'
get attributes: d.val2 or d['val2'] )
I run -
config = HpsYaml(paras.config) #create a dot dictionary
followed by
parameters = task.connect(config, name='config_params')
When running 'manually' from vsCode, all ok.
However, when running with an agent I get the following error-

Posted 10 months ago
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Posted 10 months ago

can you suggest a solution or a workaround?

Posted 10 months ago

Hi @<1571308003204796416:profile|HollowPeacock58>

parameters = task.connect(config, name='config_params')

It seems that your DotDict does not support the python copy operator?

from copy import copy

fails ?

Posted 10 months ago

You are right! I added this and indeed issue was solved. Thanks!

Posted 10 months ago
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10 months ago
10 months ago