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I Have One Doubt I Tried Clearml Pipeline_From_Functions.Py Queue Name I Changed To Queue-02 Because This Queue Available. But Currently Its Not Executing In Queue-01. Why??

i have one doubt i tried clearml pipeline_from_functions.py queue name i changed to queue-02 because this queue available. but currently its not executing in queue-01. why??

Posted 8 months ago
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Hi @<1561885921379356672:profile|GorgeousPuppy74>

  • Could you copy the 3 messages here into your original message, it helps keeping things tidy and nice (press on the 3 dot menu and select edit)
  • what do you mean by "currently its not executing in queue-01", you changed it so it should be pushed to queue-02, no? Also notice that you can run the enire pipeline as sub-processes for debugging,
    just call pipe.start_locally(run_pipeline_steps_locally=True)
    You also need an agent on the services queue, this agent is actually running the pipeline logic, if you want Your machine to run the pipeline logic (not components), just use pipe.start_locally(run_pipeline_steps_locally=False)
Posted 8 months ago