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Hi, Thanks For Making This Awesome Mlops Solution! I'M Trying To Get Gcp Autoscaler To Work In Docker Mode But The Vm Instances Keep Crashing After Running The Agent. Pretty Sure The Service Account Grants Sufficient Permissions To Do Whatever Needed. An

Hi, thanks for making this awesome MLOps solution!

I'm trying to get GCP Autoscaler to work in docker mode but the vm instances keep crashing after running the agent. Pretty sure the service account grants sufficient permissions to do whatever needed.
Anyone knows the cause of this?

Please check the attached logs and configurations.
Thank you in advance!

Posted 5 months ago
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Hi @<1578193384537853952:profile|MoodyOx45> , can you verify that docker is installed on the machine image you're trying to use? The agent uses that, and I assume it will simply exit if it's not there...

Posted 5 months ago

Will adding some init script to install docker do the trick?

Posted 5 months ago

Yes, it would - the init script is run before the agent is started

Posted 5 months ago

(sorry for the late reply, somehow I missed you comments 😞 )

Posted 5 months ago

I don't think docker is there since the machine image field in the autoscaler config is limited to the public ones.

Posted 5 months ago

nvm, it's working somehow 🎉 . thanks a lot!

Posted 5 months ago
6 Answers
5 months ago
5 months ago