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Hello, I Saw, That Clearml Data Was Integrated Into Yolov5

I saw, that ClearML Data was integrated into YOLOv5 None , during training I could specify dataset ID I want to use.
But now in YOLOv8 this is not supported anymore. Do you know why?

Posted 11 months ago
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Answers 7

To link a dataset to a task you need to pass the alias= parameter to the Dataset.get . See here: https://clear.ml/docs/latest/docs/clearml_data/clearml_data_sdk#accessing-datasets

Posted 11 months ago

Thanks for answer @<1537605940121964544:profile|EnthusiasticShrimp49> .

the dataset by id yourself and passing the path to it as input to the ultralytics code

But would the ClearML in this case track which dataset from repository was used for training? Where in the Experiment view in web UI should I see informations/link to the dataset used for training?

Posted 11 months ago

It won't, for that you need full support from Ultralytics

Posted 11 months ago

Thank you for help

Posted 11 months ago

Hey Pawel, thanks for opening the PR on Ultralytics’ side. The full support should come from them, so if it’s missing for YOLOv8 it means they didn’t enable it. Still , you can try clearml-task for auto-logging support in case of remote execution .

Also, I’d say you could easily have the possibility to use a ClearML dataset id as input to YOLOv8 with a few lines of code by basically downloading/ get ing the dataset by id yourself and passing the path to it as input to the ultralytics code. Not as seamless as before , but still good

Posted 11 months ago

I opened an issue on their repo with the same question None

Posted 11 months ago

What should I do to link my dataset with training task in clearml? (In my own script, not in the Ultralitics. Maybe I will later try to implement this in their code)
I was looking through your examples here: None
But there were only tutorials how to manage datasets, not how to use them during training.

Posted 11 months ago
7 Answers
11 months ago
11 months ago