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Hi All! I Have Been Trying To Work With Running Hyper-Parameter Optimization Experiment By Creating A Base Experiment And Then Using .Py Script To Kick Off The Automatic Hyper-Parameter. I Have Been Using Boto3(Which Has A Urllib3 Dependency) In My Envir

Hi all!

I have been trying to work with running hyper-parameter optimization experiment by creating a base experiment and then using .py script to kick off the automatic hyper-parameter. I have been using boto3(which has a urllib3 dependency) in my environment which conflicts with the urllib3 version for clearml apparently. I was able to get a quick workaround by creating a new environment without boto3 and run the base experiment and based on that do a hyper-param optimization. (I am using a self hosted server and running the agent)

But I want to be able to use my previous base experiment but the currently does not work:

I have been getting the following error: ImportError: cannot import name ‘appengine’ from ‘urllib3.contrib’

  • Any clue what might be wrong?
  • Is there a way to always pick the requirements.txt instead of this only happening when installed packages is empty?
Posted 5 months ago
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Answers 4

I am using clearml==1.11.1 and clearml-agent==1.5.2 for the agent side instance and for server side clearml==1.11.0

Posted 5 months ago

Can you attach the full log where you see the error?

Posted 5 months ago

Hi @<1584716373181861888:profile|ResponsiveSquid49> , I'm looking for the first part of the log, before execution starts

Posted 5 months ago

Hi @<1584716373181861888:profile|ResponsiveSquid49> , what clearml version are you using? I think this was fixed in one of the last versions

Posted 5 months ago