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Hi, I'M Currently Looking At Doing An Azure Deployment Of Clearml - How Feasible Is It From A Backup/Restore Perspective To Run Elastic, Mongo And Redis As Standalone Native Services? I'M Somewhat Assuming That Redis Only Contains Transient Caching Data A

Hi, I'm currently looking at doing an Azure deployment of ClearML - How feasible is it from a backup/restore perspective to run Elastic, Mongo and Redis as standalone native services? I'm somewhat assuming that redis only contains transient caching data and doesn't really need a backup? What about Elastic - what is actually stored in there and can the elastic indices be easily rebuilt? This would just leave MongoDB for requiring backup which seems fine as a separate service.

Posted 9 months ago
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Been perusing the code - it seems like ES is only used to log some queue metrics (how long the queue was and the avg wait time) and some event metrics. So I would not consider that information that needs to be restored.
On that note task_bll.py creates an events_es instance but nothing ever seems to use it. Same for the redis instance.

Posted 9 months ago

Hi @<1585441130525233152:profile|TrickyGoose45> , ES is actually much more instrumental to the ClearML Server, as it's used to index all reported metrics (experiments as well), so backing it up is absolutely required

Posted 9 months ago

Redis is indeed transient and backing it up is not mandatory

Posted 9 months ago

Ok thanks, is it sufficient to backup mongo and elastic independently or do they need to be backed up in a synchronized fashion?

Posted 9 months ago

As long as it's a backup from the same time, it should be OK

Posted 9 months ago
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9 months ago
9 months ago