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Hi, I'M Struggling To Make Clearml Connect To A Standalone Redis Instance. I Think The Culprit Is That Somehow I Need To Get

Hi, I'm struggling to make ClearML connect to a standalone redis instance. I think the culprit is that somehow I need to get ssl=True into the config but the documentation is a bit patchy on how exactly redis is configured and there don't seems to be any examples around either. Anyone done that before?

Posted one year ago
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I guess what I'm asking - can someone point me to a config file with a full redis config section? Reading the source code it loads some sort of "alias" sub-config which isn't explained anywhere what this is and why it's there?

Posted one year ago

ok, found it - you need to set apiserver and workers alias sub-config

Posted one year ago

I'm running clearml as an container app with mainly environment variables configuring the connections to the relevant services.

Posted one year ago

@<1585441130525233152:profile|TrickyGoose45> how are you setting it up?

Posted one year ago

In general, all keys from the redis config section (apart from cluster and db ) are fed directly into the StrictRedis driver class initialization call

Posted one year ago
5 Answers
one year ago
one year ago