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Hello Everyone, I'D Like To Stop Clearml From Automatically Logging Models From Yolov8. Is There Any Way To Do It Without Disconnecting From Framework (Pytorch)?

Hello everyone,
I'd like to stop ClearML from automatically logging models from YOLOv8. Is there any way to do it without disconnecting from framework (pytorch)?

Posted 9 months ago
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Hey 🙂 I had a similar issue today and found this solution:

In my case this codebase was using a .pt filetype which was being picked up and logged as a model even though it was not.

import os
from clearml import Task
from clearml.binding.frameworks import WeightsFileHandler

task = Task.init(

def filter_out_pt_files(operation_type, model_info):
    is_pt_file = os.path.splitext(model_info.local_model_path)[-1] == ".pt"
    if is_pt_file:
        return None

    return model_info


Posted 9 months ago

Thank you Tom! Do you add callback to task to filter the files or is that some custom logging code that you created?

Posted 9 months ago

If anyone knows a better way, would love to hear about it 🙂

Posted 9 months ago

If you can identify a patten in the YOLOv8 output files you can probably also filter them out 🙂

Posted 9 months ago

I need to add callback for it to filter out anything with .pt

Posted 9 months ago

If you added a print there like:

def filter_out_pt_files(operation_type, model_info):

    return model_info

You can see what is bring picked up. If there is a common path etc you can filter that out

Posted 9 months ago
6 Answers
9 months ago
9 months ago