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Hi Everyone, In The Clearml Agent, I Use The Poetry Package Manager. By Default, Poetry Install Is Executed In The Main Directory. Can The Agent Be Set Up So That Poetry Install Is Based On Pyproject.Toml And Poetry Lock In One Of The Subdirectories?

Hi everyone,
In the clearml agent, I use the poetry package manager. By default, poetry install is executed in the main directory. Can the agent be set up so that poetry install is based on pyproject.toml and poetry lock in one of the subdirectories?

Posted 7 months ago
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Answers 3

Hi @<1597399936691867648:profile|CheekyFrog80> , see the agent.package_manager.poetry_files_from_repo_working_dir
If set to true, the agent will look for the "poetry.lock" file in the passed current working directory instead of the repository's root directory.

Posted 7 months ago

Thank you!

Posted 7 months ago

Hey, I set this flag as you told me, but despite this, the clearml agent still installs dependencies from the main directory. My version of the clearml agent is 1.5.1 and the configuration is:
agent.package_manager.type = poetry
agent.package_manager.pip_version.0 = <20.2 ; python_version < '3.10'
agent.package_manager.pip_version.1 = <22.3 ; python_version >= '3.10'
agent.package_manager.system_site_packages = false
agent.package_manager.force_upgrade = false
agent.package_manager.conda_channels.0 = pytorch
agent.package_manager.conda_channels.1 = conda-forge
agent.package_manager.conda_channels.2 = defaults
agent.package_manager.priority_optional_packages.0 = pygobject
agent.package_manager.torch_nightly = false
agent.package_manager.poetry_files_from_repo_working_dir = true

Do you have any idea what might be wrong?

Posted 6 months ago