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When I Run Multiple Tasks Simultaneously In The Same Projects Locally, If One Task Finishes Before Others, The Other Tasks Are Gonna Be Automatically Terminated. Is This The Expected Behavior? If Not, What'Re The Possible Causes, And How To Fix Them? Than

When I run multiple tasks simultaneously in the same projects locally, if one task finishes before others, the other tasks are gonna be automatically terminated. Is this the expected behavior? If not, what're the possible causes, and how to fix them? Thanks in advance.

Posted 9 months ago
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Answers 3

Hi @<1523701266142728192:profile|DeterminedOwl36> , this should not happen - how are you running the tasks locally?

Posted 9 months ago

I have ClearML set up locally. The way to run the task is straightforward: I create the task with Task.init() at the very top of the file, do things (inference, save outputs, etc.), upload outputs with task.upload_artifact(), and then end the script with task.mark_completed().

Posted 9 months ago

I didn't call task.execute_remotely() so it didn't push the task to the workers

Posted 9 months ago
3 Answers
9 months ago
9 months ago