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Hello Everybody, I Have A Question About Saving Models. I Have A Train.Py Script To Train A Neural Network Using Pytorch. I Am Using Clearml Task For Experimenting Tracking And It Is Doing Very Well. However, I Realized That Clearml Is Saving My Model As

Hello everybody, I have a question about saving models. I have a train.py script to train a Neural Network using pytorch. I am using clearML task for experimenting tracking and it is doing very well. However, I realized that clearml is saving my model as an artifact and its URL is pointing to the lightning logs in my folder. How do I tell ClearML that once training is done, push the model to the AWS server specified in the clearml.config such that other people on my team can access the model directly from AWS?

Posted 6 months ago
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@<1547028031053238272:profile|MassiveGoldfish6> check this:

  • does your local clearml.conf should use use_credentials_chain:true ?
  • Do you have the needed AWS credentials in your local environment?
  • Do you have an S3 bucket as the storage for your project (did you set this up when you created the project)?
  • Do your local AWS credentials give you write access to that S3 bucket?
Posted 6 months ago

can you share you clearml.conf file? it should do that automatically if you set the development.default_output_uri key to “s3://{your_bucket}”

Posted 6 months ago
2 Answers
6 months ago
6 months ago