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When Trying To Run The Server From The Docker Image ( `Docker-Compose -F /Opt/Clearml/Docker-Compose.Yml Up -D` As Instructed In

When trying to run the server from the docker image ( docker-compose -f /opt/clearml/docker-compose.yml up -d as instructed in None ), I am getting an error due to the host platform

Is there an alternative image for arm64 platforms?

Posted 8 months ago
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Answers 2

sorted by using command below before docker-compose call
export DOCKER_DEFAULT_PLATFORM=linux/amd64

Posted 8 months ago

@<1523722618576834560:profile|ShaggyElk85> nice !
I think that in theory you can run the DBs arm64 images no?

Posted 8 months ago
2 Answers
8 months ago
8 months ago