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My Gcp Auto Scalar Spins Up The Box, But The Task Does Not Get Executed, The Status Remains Pending, I Did Use The Same Schedular Long Ago And It Was Working Fine, Is It Possible That Somehow Worker Or The Ques Or May Be The Schedular Got Messed For Some

My GCP auto scalar spins up the box, but the task does not get executed, the status remains pending, I did use the same schedular long ago and it was working fine, is it possible that somehow worker or the ques or may be the schedular got messed for some unknow reason.

Posted 7 months ago
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Answers 4

From the time the machines be is up, it should take several minutes, depending on what's installed. Are you sure the machine image you use has docker in it?

Posted 7 months ago

I used the same config 1 month ago, but its not working today, I have run 100s of experiment on the auto scaler, but its not working now, no idea why.

Posted 7 months ago

ideally, how much should I wait, once I put my task in some que?

Posted 7 months ago

Is there any log you can attach?

Posted 7 months ago
4 Answers
7 months ago
7 months ago