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Hi Everyone, I Want To Retrieve Some Scalars At Specific Iterations From Clearml. I Found

Hi everyone, I want to retrieve some scalars at specific iterations from ClearML. I found Task.get_all_reported_scalars and Task.get_reported_scalars . However, the first call takes a long time, while the second one downsamples at the wrong positions. I need a call where I can specify, for which iterations I want to get the scalars. Is something like this possible?

Posted 15 days ago
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Hi @<1523701868901961728:profile|ReassuredTiger98> , I'm not sure this is currently possible (but might be a good thing to add). Let me check and get back to you 🙂

Posted 15 days ago

Perfect, thank you 🙂

Posted one day ago
2 Answers
15 days ago
20 hours ago