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Hello, Is There Anyway To Download A Subset Of Dataset? I'Ve Tried

Is there anyway to download a subset of Dataset? I've tried get_local_copy() which set part to specific number. It generates only state.json and not download the file in Dataset.

This is the example of generated JSON file.

"dataset_file_entries": [
"artifact_name": "data",
"hash": "aef03b15e9b1778d8e9c9a25b2b9d7436feb1ef38f5f7dec3d672a",
"parent_dataset_id": "862dc6ff033045f3944e3d4dadb59ccd",
"relative_path": "291b1f101a2ce02126ae4d78.wav",
"size": 230495374

Posted 8 months ago
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0 Answers
8 months ago
8 months ago