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Hi, Is There A Way To List All Agents Running In A Host, I Do Not Find Relevant One In Clearml-Agent -H.

Hi, is there a way to list all agents running in a host, I do not find relevant one in clearml-agent -h.

Posted 7 months ago
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Answers 6

In the UI you can see all the agents and their IDs
Then you can so

clearml-agent daemon --stop <agent id>
Posted 7 months ago

Yes. But I not sure what's the agent running. I only know how to stop it if I have the agent id

Posted 7 months ago

And the agent continue running.

oh just kill al the processes with clearml-agent in the cmd line

pkill -9 -f clearml-agent
Posted 7 months ago

Nice. That should work. Thanks

Posted 7 months ago

Yup. But I happened to reinstall my server and the data is lost. And the agent continue running.

Posted 7 months ago

@<1523701304709353472:profile|OddShrimp85> are you trying to shut down the one running on your machine ?

Posted 7 months ago