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Hi, I Want To Build A Server In The Component Of Pipeline And Send Request To This Server From Another Component In Same Pipeline. I Get Static Ip From Dag But I Can'T To Do What I Want. I Need A Dynamic Ip That Is Shown On The Workers And Queues Page. Wh

I want to build a server in the component of pipeline and send request to this server from another component in same pipeline. I get static ip from DAG but I can't to do what I want. I need a dynamic ip that is shown on the workers and queues page. When I take them and use manually it works without any problem even request sender is not on the clearml. Is there any way to do this?
I need to get ip and use like this:

Posted 5 months ago
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Hi @<1523701337353621504:profile|FlutteringSheep58>
are you asking how to convert a worker IP into a dns resolved host name ?

Posted 5 months ago

Yes. As I said it returns ip, I send request to this ip it accept but doesn't return anything. I need dynamic worker ip

Posted 5 months ago