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Hello All , Good Morning ! Can You Help Better Understand The Distinction Of Cleargpt? How Is It Different From Chatgpt And What Gpt Model Are We Using In Clearml ? Thank You In Advance !

Hello All ,
Good morning !
can you help better understand the distinction of clearGPT? how is it different from chatgpt and what gpt model are we using in clearML ? Thank you in advance !

Posted 8 months ago
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That is correct. Unfortunately though this is not part of the open source, this means that for the open source it might be a bit more hands-on to deploy an llm model

Posted 8 months ago

Thank you Martin for your prompt response , meaning we can deploy any gpt models like llama2 , falcon , chatgpt , right ? I wanted to make sure the platform supports all the llm models . Please advise

Posted 8 months ago

still it is a chatgpt interface correct ?

Actually, no. And we will change the wording on the website so it is more intuitive to understand.
The idea is you actually train your own model (not chatgpt/openai) and use that model internally, which means everything is done inside your organisation, from data through training and ending with deployment. Does that make sense ?

Posted 8 months ago

Totally understandable , but chatgpt api is not open source and also I wanted to understand a few .
How come we support the claim that there is a data leakage by using chatgpt model and how are we resolving it here with a different architecture .
Even if the architecture is different , still it is a chatgpt interface correct ? Please advise

Posted 8 months ago

Hi @<1628565287957696512:profile|AloofBat92>
Yeah the name is confusing, we should probably change that. The idea is it is a low code / high code , train your own LLM and deploy it. Not really chatgpt 1:1 comparison, more like, GenAI for enterprises. make sense ?

Posted 8 months ago
5 Answers
8 months ago
8 months ago