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Hi There! I Had A Question Regarding Batch Inference With Clearml. I Would Like To Serve A Model Using An Inference Task (Containing The Model And The Code To Perform The Inference) As A Base To Be Cloned And Edited (Change Input Arguments), And Queue To

Hi there!
I had a question regarding batch inference with clearml.
I would like to serve a model using an inference task (containing the model and the code to perform the inference) as a base to be cloned and edited (change input arguments), and queue to be processed by a remote worker.
Is this a correct way to do batch inference? What is the best practice to achieve this using docker?
thanks in advanced for your answer!
Best regards

Posted 3 months ago
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Hi Damjan, thank you for your message.
But If I understand correctly, that doc would be great for online serving. I am looking a solution for batch inference instead.

Posted 3 months ago

Not ClearML employee (just a recent user), but maybe this will help? None

Posted 3 months ago

I will try to create the base docker image using the "Exporting a Task into a Standalone Docker Container" section from
from None

Posted 3 months ago
3 Answers
3 months ago
3 months ago