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Hello. I Am Currently Using A Clearml Server On-Premises. Thank You For The Great Tool! I Would Like To Ask About The Status Of The Clearml-Server And Clearml-Web Github Repositories. I Think That Clearml-Server 1.13 Is Currently Released As The Latest Ve

Hello. I am currently using a clearml server on-premises. Thank you for the great tool!
I would like to ask about the status of the clearml-server and clearml-web github repositories.
I think that clearml-server 1.13 is currently released as the latest version, but the update in the github repository is still v1.12.1.
Are there any plans to update the repository?

Posted 4 months ago
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Answers 2

Hi @<1636537829553082368:profile|DistraughtSeahorse47> , ClearML Server 1.13 is still in the process of being released (not officially out yet), and the repository will be updated within the next few 🙂 (this is as part of our standard release process)

Posted 4 months ago

Thank you for explaining!
I understand that this is a standard process.
We are looking forward to the official release.

Posted 4 months ago