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Hi Guys! Could Somebody, Please Help Me With My Issue? I Have Some Issues Running Clearml-Agent On A Remote Machine In Docker. It Tries To Write Config Multiple Times:

Hi guys! Could somebody, please help me with my issue? I have some issues running clearml-agent on a remote machine in docker. It tries to write config multiple times: error: could not write config file /root/.gitconfig: Device or resource busy and then crashes with this error:

Repository cloning failed: Command '['git', 'checkout', 'origin/clearml', '--force']' returned non-zero exit status 1.
clearml_agent: ERROR: Failed cloning repository.
1) Make sure you pushed the requested commit:
', branch='clearml', commit_id='', tag='', docker_cmd='nvcr.io/nvidia/pytorch:23.05-py3', entry_point='convert_model.py', working_dir='.')
2) Check if remote-worker has valid credentials [see worker configuration file]
  1. It works localy without docker
  2. When i try to remove .gitconfig it won't build pipeline controller container past few starting steps.

Is there a way to change mounting of /root/.gitconfig , maybe that can solve the issue, also i am suspicious that pipeline controller holding .gitconfig which may cause the error, however i didn't notice any .lock files during execution.

Posted 3 months ago
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Fixed it myself

Posted 3 months ago
1 Answer
3 months ago
3 months ago