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Hey Everyone, I'M Using Clearml Pipeline, I Have A Pre-Processing Step Which I Would Like To Use There Small Instance, And Processing Step Which Executed On A Gpu Queue. The Initialisation Time Of The Gpu Instance Is Very Long. Is There A Way To Configure

Hey everyone, I'm using ClearML Pipeline, I have a pre-processing step which I would like to use there small instance, and processing step which executed on a GPU queue.
The initialisation time of the GPU instance is very long. Is there a way to configure ClearML to launch him during the pre-processing step?

Posted 2 months ago
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You can set a dummy step which is executed in parallel of your pre-processing step and which is set to be executed in your GPU queue, provided that your autoscaler doesn't scale back your compute before your pre-processing is complete that should do the trick

Posted 2 months ago
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2 months ago
2 months ago