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Some Example Also Bringing {}:From Clearml Import Task # Initialize The Task Task = Task.Init(Project_Name='Your_Project', Task_Name='Your_Task') # Define A Configuration Config = { 'Dataset_Id': '12345', 'Learning_Rate': 0.01, # Other Confi

some example also bringing {}:from clearml import Task

Initialize the task

task = Task.init(project_name='your_project', task_name='your_task')

Define a configuration

config = {
'dataset_id': '12345',
'learning_rate': 0.01,
# other configuration parameters
print('setting config')

Set the configuration in the task


Connect the configuration to the task

connected_config = task.connect({})

Use the configuration

print("Configuration:", connected_config) --> clearml server ebApp: 1.13.0-414 • Server: 1.13.0-414 • API: 2.27, client: 1.13.2

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