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Hello, Where Can I Find The Up To Date Clearml Repository To Build The Clearml Image Present At

Hello, where can i find the up to date clearml repository to build the clearml image present at allegroai/clearml I checked the github clearml & clearml-server repository with no luck, it seems some files are missing, (wrapper.sh present at /opt/clearml as instance). Thank you in advance for your help !!

Posted one month ago
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Answers 3

The version in dockerhub is custom built by us, and has a few changed shell scripts to help us deploy it more easily in different setups and to help us use a more uniform build system internally. Having said that it uses the exact same code base and resources as is available in the repository - you can choose if you'd like to use it or build your own using the provided Dockerfile (or your own Dockerfile, of course) - if there's any issue or bug with building the Dockerfile provided in the repository, we'll obviously be happy to help 🙂

Posted one month ago

I did try to build it from there, but it seems that the version do not match the one on the dockerhub

Posted one month ago

Hi @<1660817806016385024:profile|FantasticMole87> , this image is based on the clearml-server repository - did you try building it using the Dockerfile from the repository?

Posted one month ago