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I Have A Pydantic Class For My Pipeline Params (That Verifies Integrity Of Booleans, Strings, Emails, Aws-Intance-Ids And Such). I Want To Use Tihs Class To Verify The Parameters Integrity Before Passing Them To My Pipeline, Both From Code And From Ui (Wh

I have a Pydantic Class for my pipeline params (that verifies integrity of booleans, strings, emails, aws-intance-ids and such). I want to use tihs class to verify the parameters integrity before passing them to my pipeline, both from code and from UI (when user runs the pipeline it will use the class before running the pipeline). I'm building pipeline from published tasks and not from functions.

Posted one month ago
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Hi @<1639799308809146368:profile|TritePigeon86>
Sounds awesome, how can we help?

Posted one month ago
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