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Hello Everyone! I Have A Problem With Clearml. Could You Please Help Me? I Have 2 Little Projects With Total 31 Experiments. And Its 837Mb Metric Stored. Where Can I Find A Detail Information About This Memory Quota Spending? I Really Don'T Understand, Wh

Hello everyone! I have a problem with ClearML. Could you please help me? I have 2 little projects with total 31 experiments. And its 837Mb metric stored. Where can I find a detail information about this memory quota spending? I really don't understand, whats data stored and how it can be so big.

Posted one month ago
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Can I delete logs from existing experiments on the ClearML server?

Only by resetting the Task (which would delete everything), or deleting the Task iteself.

You can also disable the auto console log, and report manually ?

Task.init(..., auto_connect_streams=False)
Posted one month ago

Thank you for this information! I think my problem may be caused by a large log.
Is there a way to use two logs: short for the ClearML server and detailed only for display in the local console?
Can I delete logs from existing experiments on the ClearML server?

Posted one month ago

Oh I see, yes the "metrics" include both scalars / plots & console outputs,
I also think they are updated only once a day (or maybe twice a day?) so even if you delete them it will take to update
(archive is not delete, you then need to go to the archived view and delete it from there)

Posted one month ago

Hello @<1523701205467926528:profile|AgitatedDove14>
No, problem with storage at ClearML server. I see this error message:
"Your metrics quota has been reached. Upgrade your account for additional storage."
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Posted one month ago

Hi @<1674588542971416576:profile|SmarmyGorilla62>
You mean on your elastic / mongo local disk storage ?

Posted one month ago

how I can turn off git diff uploading?

Sure, see here

Posted one month ago

I have one more question: how I can turn off git diff uploading?

Posted one month ago

Thank you for auto_connect_streams=False trick. I think, it's good solution for my case.

Posted one month ago
8 Answers
one month ago
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