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Hi, We Recently Deployed Clearml Server And Clearml Serving To Our Test Infrastructure Where It Is Running Lika A Breeze

Hi, we recently deployed ClearML server and ClearML serving to our test infrastructure where it is running lika a breeze 🙂 . Moving forward in the production direction we ran the ClearML server and the ClearML serving images through a dependency check tool ( None ) and there two major things came up:

  • openssl in version 1.1.1 (which has a fair share of CVEs and where to most current version is already 3.2.1)
  • gnupg in version 2.2.27I assume that the versions are used by the base image(s) you are using to create ClearML on. Are there any plans from your side to upgrade e.g. openssl to a more modern version in the future?

We are on ClearML Server 1.13.0 and ClearML Serving 1.3.0.

Posted one month ago
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Hi @<1649221394904387584:profile|RattySparrow90> ,
Latest versions are using the node:18-bullseye and python:3.9-slim-bullseye images, and we're releasing a new version in the upcoming days (using updated images)

Posted one month ago

Perfect, thanks for the info!

Posted 29 days ago