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Hi! I Deployed Clearml With Pre-Built Docker Images. Everything Works Perfectly Until I Put Another Nginx On Top Of The Whole Thing So That I Can Expose It To Internet Through Https. I Turned On The Sub Path In Docker-Compose.Yml, So The Webui Is Exposed

Hi! I deployed clearml with pre-built docker images. Everything works perfectly until I put another nginx on top of the whole thing so that I can expose it to internet through https. I turned on the sub path in docker-compose.yml, so the webui is exposed as None , apiserver is exposed as None , and file server is exposed as None . The problem is that the when webui is displaying plots or debug images, it uses image url with internal IP instead of None . (BTW, the training script connects to apiserver via the internal IP address, which might be the reason?) I am just wondering if there is any conf I can tweak so that webui replaces internal IP of the fileserver with the domain exposed to internet? If not, I guess the least I can do is to hard-code something like url.replace(internal_ip, new_domain) in the webui? I have very limited knowledge about Angular, so I will really appreciate it if someone can show me where I should put the hard-coded url substitution.

Posted 19 days ago
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Hi @<1684735407637401600:profile|WonderfulJellyfish65>

BTW, the training script connects to apiserver via the internal IP address

That is a big issue, because as you noticed the links to data =generated by the code will have the internal IP ...

You basically need every component to use the same address (url)

Posted 18 days ago
1 Answer
19 days ago
18 days ago
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