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Hi All, Is There Any Functionality To Support Data Cards That Are Tied To Datasets? I See There Is A Reports Tab That Supports A Markdown Document That'S Viewable In The Ui -- That'S Kind Of What I'M Looking For, But As Far As I Can Tell Those Exist Only

Hi all,

Is there any functionality to support data cards that are tied to datasets? I see there is a Reports tab that supports a markdown document that's viewable in the UI -- that's kind of what I'm looking for, but as far as I can tell those exist only under the Reports tab and are tied to a project. I'd be looking for something that is tied directly to a dataset on a version by version basis, and where the markdown file is easily viewable after selecting a given dataset in the web UI. The main goal being to have some top level data card with relevant info for each dataset that is easy to access and view from within the web UI. Similar to huggingface's use of README.md files as datacards (ex. None )

Posted one month ago
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one month ago
one month ago