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Hi! Maybe Someone Will Be Able To Help Me. Im Trying To Build System: Step 0: Build Pipeline (Run Locally) Step 1: Executes The Taskscheduler, Step 2: Executes The Pipeline (Remotely) I Tried To Use Agent Services As On Image. But It Doesnt Work ( I’M Ab

Maybe someone will be able to help me.

Im trying to build system:
step 0: Build pipeline (run locally)
step 1: Executes the TaskScheduler,
step 2: Executes the Pipeline (remotely)
I tried to use agent services as on image.
But it doesnt work ( I’m able to build pipeline as on image when im runing local, can run taskscheduler, but when trying to use agent recive errors …

So my job doesnt work looks like im not able to connect to clearml, so i dont understand what i have done wrong(

Posted one month ago
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Hi @<1697056701116583936:profile|JealousArcticwolf24>
Can you run your pipeline on an agent (i.e. remotely) but launching it from the UI (not the taskscheduler)?

Posted one month ago

You can see in the log it tries to download an artifact from a specific IP:URL is that link a valid one?
(this seems like the main cause of the error, first line in the screenshot)

Posted one month ago

@<1523701205467926528:profile|AgitatedDove14> Hi! Once again)
No( im able to run pipeline only with method .run_locally()(
I can start the task but every time get an error(

Posted one month ago
3 Answers
one month ago
one month ago