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0 Is This The Old Document Page?

AgitatedDove41 , this is the old documentation indeed. It's deprecated and shouldn't be used 🙂

New documentation has everything in it, and more!

one year ago
0 Hi, I Tried To Deploy Clearml-Server On Ec2. I Followed The Instruction Written On This

StickySheep96 , Is it possible you raised the server locally on your machine and not the EC2 instance?

8 months ago
0 Hi All. I Have A General Question Regarding The Logging Mechanism. Using

CrookedWalrus33 , you can set in the Task.init , set the output_uri = True . This should upload to the fileserver since by default models are saved locally

one year ago
7 months ago
0 Hi ,Could We Use Clearml For Nlp Projects?

Hi @<1536881167746207744:profile|EnormousGoose35> , you can integrate ClearML into your existing code with the two simple lines of

from clearml import Task
task = Task.init(...)

To see how it works and looks 🙂

7 months ago
0 Hi, We Have Recurring Disk Space Issues On Our Clearml Server (Drop Of Many Gb In A Few Days). After Some Analysis, We Noted

What do you mean by drop of many GB? Can you please elaborate on what happens exactly?

I know that elastic can sometimes create disk corruptions and requires regular backups..

one year ago
0 Hi Everyone, I Just Started Learning Clearml. My Goal Is To Create A Task And Connect My Jupter Notebook On Clearml. However, I’Ve Tried Clean Cookies, Uninstall Clearml And Restart My Computer, It Still Shows

AlertCrow40 Hi!

How are you trying to connect to your jupyter notebook, can you provide a snippet? What version of clearml are you using?

one year ago
one year ago
0 Hi! I’M Running An Experiment As Follows:

Hi AbruptCow41 ,

I think you need to call Task.init before creating the argparser args

one year ago
0 Hello Everyone! Can I Hide Some Fields Of My Config File For Task In Ui. I Log File With

I don't think such a feature exists currently but you could put in a feature request on GitHub 🙂

one year ago
0 Hey I Instantiate Clearml Task Within A Script, Called By Dvc. It Ends Up Creating Two Tasks Every Time. Know Why?

Hi @<1535069219354316800:profile|PerplexedRaccoon19> , not sure what you mean. Can you please share the full log, a screenshot of the two experiments and some snippet that re-creates this for you?

6 months ago
0 I Am Looking For The Dataset Used In Sarcasm Detection Demo

Hi @<1540142651142049792:profile|BurlyHorse22> , it looks like an error in your code that is bringing the traceback. What is happening during the traceback?

6 months ago
0 Hey All, I'M Trying To Get Artifact That Store Locally In Windows, Like That:

And just to make sure, you're running everything on the same machine, correct?

one year ago
0 Hi, If I Want To Run Many Hyperparameter Tuning Trials In Parallel E.G. 50 Trials Concurrently, What'S The Best Way To Do It In The Cloud? I Have An Aws Account But Not Much Knowledge About Stuff Like Kubernetes. Should I Use The Premium Version Of Clearm

AgitatedDove41 , you can run as many instances as you'd like 🙂

Please read this to see how it's done with AWS. I don't believe you need much DevOps knowledge 🙂

one year ago
0 I Assume I Can Ask A Question Here. The Clearml Orchestrator Looks Interesting. But The Website Suggests That K8S Is Required. We Have A Linux Training Box (Lambdabox) Where We Want To Run Training. Can We Place The Clearml Orchestrator Agent On The M

Hi RobustFlamingo1 ,
Can you point to where the website suggests that K8S is a requirement?
I use the ClearML-Agent on a local machine without any K8S. It is certainly not a requirement. From what I understand you can run it on K8S as well.

So to answer your question:
You can definitely use ClearML Orchestration (ClearML-Agent) with OR without K8S
I hope this helps 🙂

one year ago
0 Is Allegroai Package Accessible For Scale Only?

Hi IrritableJellyfish76 , yes. It is available only for Scale & Enterprise versions

one year ago
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