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Hi Maya, can you please copy the response for "events.get_task_plots" request from the network tab in the browser developer tools (F12)?
3 years ago
0 Are There Any Tips For How To Set These Boxes In The Profile For Access To

Hi Ed,
when you try to view a resource from azure on the UI (debug samples), a popup will appear, asking for credentials, in this case azure query string. it will fill the rest of the fields you see in profile automatically.

2 years ago
2 years ago
0 Hi All, I Think Their Is A Ui Bug. When Trying To Add Experiment To Compare:

Thank you Ophir, managed to reproduce on our environment. we'll work on a fix.

2 years ago
0 Hi, I Updated To Clearml-Server 1.4.0 And I Am Uncomfortable With The New Table/Detail View, Is There A Way To Disable It And Use The Previous One (On Click -> Open Details)?

yes, we know the implementation isn't prefect, we have some issues with unselect, since it works peaty much the same in Gmail, we felt it was good enough

one year ago
0 Trying To Compare Experiments W.R.T. Some Input Hyper-Parameters (On An On-Prem Server). When Selecting Any Additional Hyper-Parameter To Show On The Table, I Get The Following Error:

Hi FunnyTurkey96
can you please tell what was in the error "More Info"?
and if there are any relevant errors in the browser console, open it with F12, and select the console tab.

2 years ago
0 Hi, I'Ve Tried To Plot Some Images To Debug Samples But I Can'T See Them Through Ui In Chrome. It Works In Firefox, But Chrome (96.0.4664.45) Logs Message

sorry for the delay ResponsiveRabbit81
unlike AWS where the UI would rely on key and secret to sign a S3 resource, in google storage, the UI expects a GS cookie, which is available after signing in to GS. are you signed in to GS in both Firefox and Chrome and can view the resource in GS console on both browsers?

one year ago
0 Is There Any Way To Change The X-Axis On The Charts For Scalars, To Say E.G. "Epochs" Instead Of "Iterations"? Or Is That Hardcoded?

logically that doesn't make sense, iteration is a different scale then time. these values are indeed hard coded

6 months ago
0 Is There Any Way To Change The X-Axis On The Charts For Scalars, To Say E.G. "Epochs" Instead Of "Iterations"? Or Is That Hardcoded?

maybe this can be reported as a plot instead of scalar. this way you can build the plot as you like

6 months ago
0 Is There Any Way To Change The X-Axis On The Charts For Scalars, To Say E.G. "Epochs" Instead Of "Iterations"? Or Is That Hardcoded?

Hi @<1546665634195050496:profile|SolidGoose91> , I guess you are referring to scalars, we have 3 options for X axis, from the settings menu choose "Wall time" which is the closest to epoch, though it is going to normalize the clock to local time

6 months ago
0 Hi All, I Am Developing Clearml-Web. When I Checked The V1.10 Code, It Seems That The Reports Screen Cannot Be Opened Due To The Error "

@<1557537273090674688:profile|ThankfulOx54> can you please post the UI and BE versions as they show up in the bottom of the settings page?

5 months ago
0 I Installed My Own Clearml-Server And Things Seems To Work Fine, But When I Delete An Experiment (I First Archived It Using Web Interface Popup Menu) Then Delete It Using The Web Inferface Popup Menu In Archive View)... Experiment Disapears From Web Inter

it might be an issue in the UI due to this unconventional address or network settings, before you try this again, can you open the browser devtools?
the console and network tabs should give us more insight

one year ago
one year ago
0 Trying To Add Someone To My Workspace And We Keep Getting A Cannot Resolve Link Destination

Hi @<1533257411639382016:profile|RobustRat47> can you make sure the invite mail and the signup mail are the same?

6 months ago
0 Migration Clearml 1.5.0 -> 1.8? -> 1.9?

Hi @<1523701366600503296:profile|GentleSwallow91>
https None is not a valid URL.
you're missing a colon : after https

8 months ago
0 Hi Guys

Hi Ryan,
we are more interested in the last tasks.get_all_ex query,
clicking the "XHR" filter, would make it easier to find.
It would be very helpful if you can share the response with us maybe on a DM, by right clicking the network entry in the table, copy -> copy as curl

2 years ago
0 Hello Everybody, Did Anybody Experience Problem Where In Clearml Web Ui You Customize Columns (Remove Some, Add Metrics, Etc..) They Just Reset Randomly After Some Point? Sometimes On Every Page Refresh. It Gets Quite Annoying To Add Metrics All The Time

@<1531445337942659072:profile|OddCentipede48> that's deliberate, URL contains experiments page preferences to give the user an easy method of sharing his current view. you can either update the link to the page with the updated choice or remove all table info from the URL (everything after the experiment ID) and they will be restored from the BE.

6 months ago
0 Hi Guys

Hi Ryan, just wanted to update, we found a performance issue with a 3rd party library we use for a detailed compare of text. we added a limit on advanced compared, so the UI won't get stuck. the fix should be included as part of the next server release.

2 years ago
0 Trying To Add Someone To My Workspace And We Keep Getting A Cannot Resolve Link Destination

can you make sure in users table you can see the pending invite?
and on the invited account you see the invite under the user menu (top right corner)?

6 months ago
0 Hi

Hi @<1572757572547514368:profile|GiddySnake50> , where is this asset saved? fileserver? S3? GS?

3 months ago
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