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3 years ago
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Also, for selecting a subset of experiments to compare, it looks like Neptune currently has a more advanced solution ( https://docs.neptune.ai/learn-about-ne...
3 years ago
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Also, I am confused about whether Trains is fully open source because I didn’t see where the source for the web client is.
3 years ago
0 Also, I Am Confused About Whether Trains Is Fully Open Source Because I Didn’T See Where The Source For The Web Client Is.

Well, currently, I am not even using trains; I am just trying to figure out what experiment management system my startup should use. If we do use it, I don’t expect we will make heavy contributions to the front-end, but if there was a feature we really wanted, we would certainly consider implementing it and making a PR.

3 years ago
0 Hi, I Recently Started Evaluating Trains. Given That Tensorboard Is Much More Mature, And Our Team Is Used To It, I Think It Is Likely We Won’T Want To Stop Using Tensorboard Completely And Just Switch To Trains. But I Am Thinking It Could Be Pretty Use

OK, I will look into agents and think about this. One pain we have is that tensorboard logs are stuck on the machine used for training, and we can’t compare models training on two different machines in one tensorboard (unless they mount the same network filesystem). But it is also important to be able to see TB both during training and after it is finished (and even though the log files are large, storage is cheap, so maybe it would be OK to keep them around). I need to think about the bes...

3 years ago
0 Also, For Selecting A Subset Of Experiments To Compare, It Looks Like Neptune Currently Has A More Advanced Solution (

Thanks. That is a good idea to have custom columns, and tags will be very welcome!

3 years ago