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Hi all, Wanted to know if there’s a way (that’s not a hack) to configure k8s agents to use github deploy keys? As I understand, only user/pass combinations a...
one year ago
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1 Answers
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Hi! Using a self-hosted deployment over k8s (EKS). Seeing old succeeded pods not being deleted indefinitely. Anyone knows why that might be? It wasn’t always...
11 months ago
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13 Answers
0 Votes 13 Answers 563 Views
one year ago
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3 Answers
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Hi all! I have methods inside notebooks that I made available to CLIs using nbdev export and fastai’s @call_parse , and also a functional EKS cluster with se...
one year ago
0 Hi! A Question About Self Hosting In K8S. Wanted To Know What Is The Best Practice For Backing Up And Restoring The File Server (Experiments Data And Etc.) Is There A Dedicated Command? Maybe A Volume Snapshot At The K8S Level? I’M Looking For A Procedure

Hi @<1523701087100473344:profile|SuccessfulKoala55> , just as an afterthought:
Since elastic and mongo data are stored in volumes too, couldn’t a restore simply mean restoring a snapshot of all those 3 volumes as a whole?

one year ago
0 Hi All! I Have Methods Inside Notebooks That I Made Available To Clis Using Nbdev

Reproducing is simple:

  • In a notebook, create a method and decorate it by fastai.script’s @call_parse .
  • Call Task init inside it
  • Expose the method with nbdev using settings.ini
  • run via bash
    The created task contains no repo/branch and has uncommitted changes:
# EASY-INSTALL-ENTRY-SCRIPT: 'my-package','console_scripts','my-script'
import re
import sys
# for compatibility with easy_install; see #2198
__requires__ = 'my-package'
    from ...
one year ago