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Hi All, Wanted To Know If There’S A Way (That’S Not A Hack) To Configure K8S Agents To Use Github Deploy Keys? As I Understand, Only User/Pass Combinations Are Possible With Agent Pods (Given By

Hi all,
Wanted to know if there’s a way (that’s not a hack) to configure k8s agents to use github deploy keys?
As I understand, only user/pass combinations are possible with agent pods (given by CLEARML_AGENT_GIT_USER and CLEARML_AGENT_GIT_PASS ).


Posted one year ago
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Hi MassiveBat21
CLEARML_AGENT_GIT_USER is actually git personal token
The easiest is to have a read only user/token for all the projects.
Another option is to use the ClearML vault (unfortunately not part of the open source) to automatically take these configuration on a per user basis.

Posted one year ago
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one year ago
one year ago