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Hi Again, Are There Any Examples Of One Script Being Used To Execute Multiple Remote Tasks? If I Could Use

Hi again, are there any examples of one script being used to execute multiple remote tasks? If I could use Task.execute_remotely with clone=False and exit_process=False it would make it very easy but that is not allowed (could it be allowed?) Thanks!

Posted one year ago
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Another option would be to do
task.close() task.reset()And then execute an agent to pick up that task, but I don’t think reset is part of the public API. Is this risky?

Posted one year ago

Hi SuperiorPanda77 , I'm not sure I understand, can you elaborate on the specific use case?

Posted one year ago

I guess two more straightforward questions:

Could it be made possible for task.execute_remotely(clone=False, exit_process=False) to not raise an exception? Im happy work on a PR if this would be possible Is there any issue to having task.reset() in the public API/is there any potential issues with using?

Posted one year ago

Will do! What’s the process for adding task.reset to the public API, just adding it to the docs?

Posted one year ago

Hi @<1523701092473376768:profile|SuperiorPanda77> , I think a PR would always be appreciated. I don't see any issues with using task.reset()

Posted one year ago

You already have it : )

Posted one year ago

Ah right, nice! I didn’t think it was as I couldn’t see it in the Task reference , should it be there too?

Posted one year ago

And here is a PR for the other part.

Posted one year ago

Hi CostlyOstrich36 , thanks for getting back to me!

I want to launch multiple tasks from one python process to be run by multiple agents simultaneously.

My current process for launching one task remotely is to use task.execute_remotely , and then I separately spin up a VM and execute a ClearML agent on that VM with the task ID.

Ideally, I would like to create multiple tasks in this way - so do Task.init(…) , set up some configuration, and then task.execute_remotely in a loop.

I can’t do this as execute_remotely exits the process unless clone=True , which I don’t really want to do.

Let me know if I can clarify further

Posted one year ago
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one year ago
one year ago