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Hi All! I Tried Out Clearml And Loved It And Wanted To Get My Own Instance Up And Running To Play Around With It But I Am Having Some Issues. Hopefully, It'S Just Me Being Stupid And Someone Can Help. I Followed The Docs And Used The Image To Install It O

Hi all! I tried out ClearML and loved it and wanted to get my own instance up and running to play around with it but I am having some issues. Hopefully, it's just me being stupid and someone can help. I followed the docs and used the image to install it on a GCP VM, I can ssh in and restart the application with docker-compose, but I can't actually connect to the web app. It just times out when I try, even with the IP address. I did notice that my /opt/clearml/config directory is empty, but I don't see any mention of adding files there in the doc. Should I be copying over the defaults? I noticed a few things in those I don't want enabled from the get-go, so I can go through and edit and everything, but I want to confirm I didn't miss something obvious before taking the time to do that. I appreciate any tips anyone may have!

Posted 5 months ago
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That was it, thanks so much ObedientDolphin41 !

Posted 5 months ago

Have you opened the ports 8080,8008,8081 ? I think I had the same thing when setting up, and still had to add some inbound rules to open these ports via the cloud platform

Posted 5 months ago

Oh really? I wouldn't have thought of that since docker seems to map 8080 to 80, but I will give it a try! Thanks!

Posted 5 months ago

The web ui is hosted at :8080, so make sure to add that to the end of the url as well 🙂

Posted 5 months ago

Great to hear! Have fun 🤪

Posted 5 months ago
5 Answers
5 months ago
4 months ago
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