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Hi, I'M Configuring The Clearml Agent On Top Of Kubernetes With The Helm Chart. I Need To Access Private Repositories In My Github Organization. Which User Should I Use For The Configuration? A Real User Or I Create One Just To Pull Repositories? And The

Hi, I'm configuring the ClearML Agent on top of Kubernetes with the Helm Chart. I need to access private repositories in my GitHub Organization. Which user should I use for the configuration? A real user or I create one just to pull repositories? And the password should be really a password or a Personal Access Token?

Posted one year ago
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Hi StoutElephant76 , I think you can use any user that has read privilege. Regarding password - I'm not sure about K8s but for regular agent working over Bitbucket I know you need an app password set up and not just regular user password. I think in GitHub it might be a personal access token. Best do a test locally first (Not on top of K8s) to see what works

Posted one year ago

StoutElephant76 you're absolutely right, I usually set up a separate account with read-only permission to the relevant repositories and use an appropriately labelled PAT 🙂

Posted one year ago

You can, but if it's a large organization having a dedicated account for this would probably be best

Posted one year ago

Using a real person's account doesn't sound the best solution. Anyway I will discuss it with my team. Thank you!

Posted one year ago

StoutElephant76 I think GitHub requires you to use PATs (personal access tokens) and not passwords in this case

Posted one year ago
5 Answers
one year ago
one year ago