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Hi, In The Clearml-Server Web-Ui, Under Debug Sample, Would It Be Possible To Improve The Logic For Fetching The Images? If I Have Say 200 Iteration, It Will The Last By Default. If I Want To See Iteration 50, I Will Have To Manually Click On The Arrow Un

Hi, in the clearml-server web-ui, under DEBUG SAMPLE, would it be possible to improve the logic for fetching the images? If I have say 200 iteration, it will the last by default. If I want to see iteration 50, I will have to manually click on the arrow until I reach iteration 50. But then the web UI seems to download all the intermediate images from iterations in between, this can lead to waiting 30s-1m because showing the images (depends on the connection speed)

Posted one year ago
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Hi CostlyOstrich36 , most of the time I want to compare two experiments in the DEBUG SAMPLE, so if I click on one sample to enlarge it I cannot see the others. Also once I closed the panel, the iteration number is not updated

Posted one year ago

Hi JitteryCoyote63 , I think you can click one of the debug samples to enlarge it. Then you will have a scroll bar to get to your needed Iteration. Does that help?

Posted one year ago

I see. Makes sense. Maybe open a GitHub issue for this to follow up on the request 🙂

Posted one year ago