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Hello, Is There A Way To Selectively Disable Logging Of Certain Scalars? My Pytorch Callback Reports Certain Scalars For Informative Purposes, But I Don'T Want Those To Clutter Up The "Scalars" Plot, And I Only Want To See Certain Scalars Plotted. I Am Aw

hello, is there a way to selectively disable logging of certain scalars? My PyTorch callback reports certain scalars for informative purposes, but I don't want those to clutter up the "Scalars" plot, and I only want to see certain scalars plotted. I am aware that on the Scalars tab I can click on a name, and see only that one, but that is some clicking I want to avoid 🙂

Posted 8 months ago
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Hi JuicyOtter4 , not sure you can disable certain scalars but you can disable auto logging of specific frameworks using the method showed here:

Hope this helps 🙂

Posted 8 months ago

thanks CostlyOstrich36 for the super fast reply ! I guess if I completely turn off pytorch logging, then I have to manually explicitly log what I want

Posted 8 months ago
2 Answers
8 months ago
8 months ago