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Hello Guys, I Understand We Can Add Some Scripts For Clearml-Agent To Execute Prior To The Task. Is It Possible To Add Scripts To Run After The Task?

Hello guys, I understand we can add some scripts for clearml-agent to execute prior to the task.
Is it possible to add scripts to run after the task?

Posted one year ago
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Answers 2

Yup, was thinking of bash script.

The intent is to generate some outputs from the clearml task and thinking probably to package it into a docker image for ease of sharing to others that are not plug into our network and able to run the image directly.

Posted one year ago

Hi OddShrimp85 , you mean bash script? I don't think there is something built in to run a script afterwards but I'm sure you could incorporate it in your python script.

I'm curious, what is the use case?

Posted one year ago