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Question About The "Search Experiments" In The Dashboard -- Is There A Syntax I Should Be Using There? I Didn'T See Any Documentation. I Tried Searching For Experiments By Keyword, Or By Metric Etc But Rarely Get Any Results. It Seems Like The Search Is L

Question about the "search experiments" in the dashboard -- Is there a syntax I should be using there? I didn't see any documentation. I tried searching for experiments by keyword, or by metric etc but rarely get any results. It seems like the search is limited to only the currently-shown list of experiments, and not all experiments.

Posted one year ago
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thanks FrothyDog40 is there some way to search based on metrics or config params?

Posted one year ago

Thanks, I was aware of that. Some others like AIM have an exp querying ability... I guess I was looking for something like that. I have zillions of params 🙂 so adding each param to column is not feasible

Posted one year ago

The easy way to do that is to add the desired metrics/params as custom columns, then use the column filters: https://clear.ml/docs/latest/docs/webapp/webapp_exp_table#customizing-the-experiments-table

Posted one year ago

Hi JuicyOtter4
The GUI search returns all experiments in the project that have your search string in their task id, name, description or any of their models' names.
You can use regex with the '.*' button in the search bar.

Posted one year ago
4 Answers
one year ago
one year ago